If you're a veteran counselor, you know that there are a limited number of volunteer counselor positions available in Camp Friendly. This year we're asking you to declare your interest by submitting an application to be a returning counselor. Scroll down for the form.

Applications for returning high-school counselor candidates are due no later than Feb. 28. This year we will also be holding short interviews with all candidates in a small-group format. Questions? Email us using the form on the Contact page.

​Expectations of experienced counselors:
     • Experienced counselors are active Christians, intent on growth in their own faith           and excited about instilling faith in our campers.
     • Experienced counselors will make it a priority to arrange their schedule in order           to attend pre-camp meetings and staff training at Pyoca the day before camp                 begins.

     • In addition to other expectations, experienced counselors will serve as leaders              and mentors to the less-experienced counselors.

     • Experienced counselors will treat all campers with respect and fairness.
     • Experienced counselors will model Christian behavior at all times with their                    fellow staff members.

     • Experienced counselors will abide by the OPPC Child Protection Policy and                      complete the Background Evaluation Consent Form if they are over 18 and do                not already have one on file.

     • Experienced counselors understand that camp is work, and not solely a time of              recreation for the staff: fun is the byproduct of the week's activities.
     • Experienced counselors will take care of themselves during camp by getting                    appropriate rest, eating well, and seeking/following medical advice when not                  feeling well.  

     • Experienced counselors will abide by all OPPC and Pyoca policies, including (but            not limited to) the following:
          - physical or verbal abuse of a camper shall be reason for removal from camp
          - use of illegal drugs or alcohol, or engaging in inappropriate behavior, either                    with other staff members or campers shall be cause for immediate dismissal
          - inappropriate or sexually-oriented language and actions will be avoided
          - cheerful participation in all activities is expected unless medically unable
          - all staff will share in responsibilities equally

Application for returning counselors


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